Cuidense por favor

My capacitacion for the Leaders Conference we just had was on taking care of one self.  They have a phrase around here they always say when you're saying goodbye... kind of like in our country,  "take care, "  it's cuidense which means the same thing.  So my Blog was all about that.  A picture that really got everyone laughing was this last one.  Which was my finish line on my power point.  Basically it says,  we're ready for success.  Elder Hale was used as an example of someone who really knows how to take care of himself.  He hasn't missed a day of mission service since he began his mission. And Hermana Evans and Hansen are two very wonderful sister missionaries that are here in Vina with us.  We love our work.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to add a picture of ourselves with our investigators who are scheduled to come to Conference.n

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