Our First Week in Vina del Mar

We have had a very full few days.  Besides, all of the expected such as jet lag, and hanging on to our capacities by the skin of our teeth, we experienced nothing but Joy!  I know that the Lord has blessed us beyond our capacity. Dad and I spent 2 Wonderful days watching a new group of Elders and Sisters come into the mission home. We began to feel such love for them; but in a whoof they were gone to serve in their own spot in this mission. Already I felt sad to see them go. Our assignment was given us by our dear President and I feel like I am completely unqualified. I'm serving as the Mission Heslth Specialist. Can't see myself in this role but I am in for all that the Lord desires to teach me. I immediately felt and understood by the Spirit the importance of shouldering personal responsibility for our own health. The Lords has much for us to do and He expects us to be up for the task; mind, body, and spirit. He needs us working not being sick, but anxiously engaged. I have a lot to learn,  but I am rallying and determined to lead the way.  Besides that aspect, I fill out paperwork and send out forms and keep track of all medical information which is something that is out of my comfort zone. But , Oh well!  The Lord wants me to do it so here I go .
Dad's calling is more to his capacity, except the talking part ( his command of the language is limited) He has been called to be over all of the missionary housing.  This is right up his alley.  One other drawback is he will have use of the Mission truck. If you think he gets frustrated with traffic in the States - I am concerned about his blood pressure with traffic in Chile. This will be interesting.  But what we do is really needed so we will try our very best 
I have a few pics here:  Seth in his office chair.  Seth and I with Elder Esquivia (his helper). Me with Hermana Kahnlein my Mission Preident's wife - she is training me.  Our District leaders,  Elder Rojo, Elder Gutierrez, with Elder Curtis ( a greenie) doing role playing. 
Today we enter our apartment and finally get unpacked. We are very happy,  keep us in your prayers. Much love 
Elder & Hermana Poulsen 


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