Welcome to the Mission

Sometimes it seems so unreal to me that we are really here.  This past week has been a departure in some respects to our normal routine, in that I finally had to break down and go see a Chiropractor.  Hermana Kahnlein referred her Chiropractor to me so I thought I best give it a try.  I have been doing a lot more sitting that I usually do everyday sitting at a desk and working on the computer.  My back has noted the challenge and is speaking up.  So... I went, and actually thought her Dr did me good.  He will teach me some exercises to do that will help me as well.  I have actually been doing a lot more exercise since being in the mission, so maybe I'll come back home fit as a fiddle as they say.

My sweet husband is working as hard as ever being the Pensionero.  He talks to duenos and does handyman work,  closes pensions,  discusses contracts, opens pensions,  and makes sure that everyone has all they need to survive.   Things like (refrigerators, heaters, lights, stoves, shower curtains, pillows, irons, mattresses  and the list goes on).  He always has a tablet in front of him where he's adding to the list.  He hardly gets through a day without feeling like he is behind.  But when we say anything at all about how much we are doing.... we are told by all of the office staff.  "Welcome to the Mission".

In regards to our mission work... we are continuing faithfully ahead, but have had a few cancellations this week.  We don't want to get down or sad or discouraged or anything like that so we are keeping our heads up and rejoicing in the journey and keeping the faith.  So far we are still chipper and in good spirits and have a lot of hope for our contacts.

We will miss seeing our 2nd grand child Demi be baptized this week so we feel a little sad about that but we send her our love and best always and are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers.  We love our family so much and are so proud of them and all they are doing to help each other back home.  We especially marvel at how much they care for their Granny and watch over her with phone calls each week.  They are the best.

Our language skills are improving and our capacity to hear the people is getting much better regardless of how fast they talk here.  We feel confident that we are making good progress and are staying on top of our Studies everyday.  We don't keep too far behind the Elders and Sisters in the rigor of their work,  except I do take a little nap each day.  The Lord has blessed me with that to give me a boost after working at the office.  We don't to bed until 11:00 each night so we still have time for work and checking on people.

And so when we feel a little overwhelmed with too much to do and feel a little crazy... we just remind ourselves.... "Welcome to the Mission."

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  1. We are glad that you have been welcomed to the mission and hope that you will have the strength to keep up with those young whipper snappers. The kids say "We love you and miss your Grandma and Grandpa". Remember to always have fun.

  2. We are having fun. Remember to send pics of Dems birthday and baptism. And we always love pics of the grand kids.

  3. Hey mom did ya get those pictures I sent ya??? I love you guys and am glad that I found the blog. I'm going to look at it often now:)

  4. Hey mom did ya get those pictures I sent ya??? I love you guys and am glad that I found the blog. I'm going to look at it often now:)


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