The Stake Choir

Last week we had a wonderful experience to participate in our Stake Conference.  We performed in the Stake Choir.  Brother Sundt plays the organ here in our Ward and is a fantastic musician.   He loves to listen to the Mormon Tab Choir and by ear write up arrangements for the Stake Choir.  He produced 3 arrangements for the Choir,  "Tell me the Stories of Jesus" which was arranged by Ryan Murphy,  Beautiful Zion,  and another that I don't know which is because we don't have it in our hymn books anymore.  We had a wonderful time.  They asked Seth for some suggestions and then applied them to what they were doing.  He really helped a lot and they appreciated it.
We will start the Choir up again next Sunday and perform sometime in June as the time winds down for President and Sister Kahnlein to be here.  They want Seth to lead the Choir and for me to play my violin.  Now is the time to get the violin I guess.

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