Happy Easter to All of You.

Seth and I would like to bear you our witness of Jesus Christ,  We not only believe, but know He lives; our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.
We are so grateful for His life,  His love and His great sacrifice for us.
We are grateful for all the blessings we experience and enjoy because He lives.
We feel so happy to have a righteous family, loving friends and the hope 
of the Gospel in our lives.
We are grateful for our mission, for the opportunity to be in His Service.
We love the people here and we love our work.
We feel humble in our calling and anxious to make improvements each day.
We feel surrounded by the Lord's Spirit and know He is watching out for us.
We feel blessed to have the scriptures and the testimony of Prophets old and new. 
We pray for you back home.  We are sad to hear of Sister Swain and her condition.
Our prayers go out to their family.
We love our family,  the Gospel and we express to you our Hope that
You too will rejoice with us in the Hope that comes
from knowing that God Lives...  
Elder & Hermana Poulsen

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