Its Starting to Feel Like Home

It's a wonderful experience to begin to feel like you're at home when you are in a new Country. I think it's the little things; like sounds and smells and the way things are somewhere else. Life doesn't have to always be the same. There are new experiences to have. New people to meet. New challenges to face. New foods to eat. New ways of doing things and above all else new words to describe feelings and communicate ideas. A huge learning curve that we are grateful for.
Today we had our first experience at an open air vegetable and fruit market. It was great. We went with the family Daniels who are from the States. We are so blessed to do our shopping on Saturdays with their help, as they have a van and we didnt have to walk or do the taxi experience again 
We are learning more and more how to do our callings each week. I'm learning the words for Wart. Ingrown toenails. Spots   Blisters.  And many others that have to do with this human condition we experience in the temporal world. The Lord figured I needed a big dose of reality when it comes to health matters. I rarely get sick and our family has been so blessed with relative few illnesses. It's amazing to me to see how that is not the case with many others. 
We have taught two beautiful sisters this week and are trying to help in reactivating them, Barbara and Carolina Lambarri. However tonight they ditched us. We are not going to worry on that score, but give it all we have to help them out. Barbara is expecting a baby soon and I'm so excited to see her. ( it's a little girl). 
We have an appt tomorrow night with a little lady we found working in the streets sweeping them. Her name is Maria Herrera. We are so excited. Also called Maria Elena and reminded her. She says she's coming.
We worked hard this week. We are happy. We've enjoyed experiences. We are beginning to feel like we are home. 

The Daniels family.  Hermana Jennifer Daniels,  Emmi, Brody and Mia.  a great family

This is the ferria,  where they sell all the fresh fruits and vegetables

Loved this picture
So Awesome!

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