More Pics of Elders Henderson and Evans

Just catching up.  Last week was a crazy week. We had an Elder who was running in the morning and was jumping over a piece of cement in his path. As he jumped there was some barbed wire that caught his face. He was wounded in his mouth and lip pretty bad. He had a gash across his nose and looked pretty beat up. However when they came into the emergency room they radiated love, faith and peace. I was sustained by the power of their spirit and the power of God that was with them. Our Dr. was a fun man and and had confidence in his own ability to take care of this most delicate work of sewing him up. The President of our mission came and was a support to him as well. A funny thing happened that I just can't leave out of the story.  President Kahnlein is squeamish when it comes to blood. He was helping Elder Henderson give Elder Evans a blessing. I was there with them in the small room  All of a sudden I heard a big huge noise. I opened my eyes and President had fallen to the ground. We didn't know what had happened so we were yelling for someone to hurry quick. Finally the President came to and said that he fainted because of the blood. We had the President in one part of the Energency area and Elder Evans being sewed up at the same time. We all enjoyed a good laugh at the Presidents expense. Not a dull moment around here. I saw Elder Henderson Friday and he is healing very nicely. He is in good spirits and serving his final 2 months with love and faith. We love these Elders and Hermanas. 

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