Typical Week in the Life of Hermana Poulsen


   Each week I have a list of people that are referred to me by our mission nurse.   Each person has a particular need in regards to their health, whether it be with their bones, a flu, feet that are not handling all of the walking, dermatology needs, or mental.  I get to locate Dr.s for them and handle their treatment through the recovery process.  At first I really had an inward battle dealing with this office job and I felt that the Mission President was possibly mis-using my talents.  But I just love my work now and have developed a system where I make a folder for each person.  I see their faces and write down all the info.  I stay in touch by phone and I TRY to stay organized.  The whole thing has become quite an adventure for me and I'm just tickled pink to do it now.  I guess our Mission President knew what He was doing. Funny how the Lord works through His chosen servants.  And I am learning that who the Lord calls He qualifies.  
Hermana Brianna Day
Elder Canales

Elder Weber
Elder Garcia
Hermana Bushman
Hermana Coray
Hermana Flores

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