Our Mission Farewell

We were so blessed to have our 4 kids come and support us for our Farewell.  It was so fun seeing them together as siblings,  just hanging loose and enjoying the time back home.  They had a silly time together out in the forest on Saturday playing with their airsoft guns.  They were hilarious, and just acting like kids again.  Dad and I really enjoyed them  A very special part of the weekend was our Saturday Temple time together.   The vision of eternal families is re-inforced and strengthened as you see your kids united with you in the temple.  We really love our kids and their families so very much!

Sunday,  our talks went well.   I shared some thoughts about the continuing work of the Restoration,  and Dad shared some family missionary stories.  We were very supported by our family;  Norma came up to be with us staying for the weekend,  Ralph, JoAn, Ginger, Teresa, Yvonne and her kids, Dawnette and her family, Brook and her children, Mom, Audrey, Frank, Christian, James, and some dear friends,  Gary and Sharon Wright, Eleanor Brainard, Diane Benson, Kaylma and Warren,  Elaine and Gregg, (who are a part of our Ward family) Pam Bunker,  Chris Snyder and her son Dan and family, Cheryl Campbell and her husband,  and Steve and Chris Moon.  All of the brothers and sisters in our Ward were very thoughtful and kind and wished us well.  Later in the evening we had some good times with family sharing our music and playing a few games.  Stephanie,  the kids' cousin came up and she and James created a fun little partner song to put on You Tube.  We enjoyed listening to them.  It was a great weekend. Thanks everyone for your kindness and support.

It's hard to believe we are off to Chile in just a few short days.

PS  Another fun part of the meeting was a song sung by some of our youth in Spanish.  So cute!!  And if you are wondering why there are no pictures of us when we were wearing our Sunday clothes,  it's because I was too busy being a Martha, and enjoying it.

Audrey was right in there tuffing it with her brothers...

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