Wednesday, November 5th Received our Mission Call to the Chile, Vina del Mar Mission

We just knew it was going to be Wednesday when our call came. So I woke up that day texting everyone; family and friends with the news that it was going to be the day. I love the feeling of a clean house and order. So I immediately set myself to the Happy Talk of getting our home in tip top shape so it would be in a state of peace when we opened our call. The kids knew that if I got the call in the mail, I would text them and let them know I did with a time for standing by and waiting for our phone call to them later that evening. I could envision Seth and I standing there with James, calling the kids and opening up our mission call from the brethren. I was already filled with so much excitement and anticipation. And just as we had thought.... the call came in the mail that day. We were pumped. So with all that stored and happy energy I just barreled through the day... cleaned the house spic and span and made up some pumpkin pies (because they always make me feel so grateful) It was a perfect setting. Elaine and Gregg and Daryl and Chris came over to share in our joy. It was picture perfect. We gathered together around 8:30 in the evening and surrounded by loving friends and family we called our kids on the phone; Frank and family, Audrey and family, Christian and Mom. We opened up the package of information from the brethren and within just a few short minutes at most we were presented with the most happy news. We would be sent to serve in the Vina del Mar Mission in Chile. Waiting
Reading our Call
So I'm really excited...  What's up with Seth?

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